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we are here to emotionally empower our youth and set them upon the path of true success.

Our dynamic programs, workshops and speaking appointments are designed to captivate the attention of our youth and inspire them to become more than they could have ever imagined.

for Youth

Depending on the needs of your organization, we offer speaking appointments, workshop series or extended courses.

Choose below from our most popular topics and we can discuss the options that best suit the needs of your community.


The power of words 

Introducing our Youth to impeccable and intentional speech. 
Instruction on proper etiquette and respect using language and social cues.
This is a powerful and life changing series that completely changes the way you view yourself, your life and the people in it. Offered as a workshop or 4 part series this program empowers youth in the simplest of ways. Simply by being more intentional about the words they choose to use each and every day.

an inside job

Happiness is a mental skillset that needs to be taught. Depression is often the default so we combat this with Happiness training that includes includes mindfulness, stress coping, emotional regulation and communication trainings.
In this training, we unpack happiness and cultivate true unconditional feelings of gratitude and contentment. We seek to expand our understanding of happiness and reprogram our mind, our self talk and our vision. Students will learn how  to focus on gratitude and opportunities instead of failure and st thereby radically transforming personal realities and personalities.


Integrity, Honour and Purpose

Applying ancestral concepts of Honour and Purpose to modern education is the only way to get our Youth to follow an hourable path. This isn't your average youth program and that's the point.

& Mindfulness for youth

Simple, easy to grasp concepts for youth to help them integrate a mindfulness practice into their lifestyle. Learn our 2 minute B.R.E.A.T.H.E meditation technique to help with emotional regulation.


Gallery Shadows

Setting our young people
up for success

You may also be interested in our trainings for educators.

Find your Rhythm

A Leadership series for youth

Coming Fall 2023


be in touch to discuss 
options for your school 


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5 decades of


Our instructors are trained and certified in their respective fields of expertise.

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Chelsea, Instructor

Chelsea is the founder of My Energy School and the lead instructor/speaker for all workshops, courses and programs.
She is a Life coach and Expert in Energetics and Subconscious Reprogramming. Merging Psychology, Spirituality and Hypnosis she teaches her clients and students how to successfully create peace and abundance within their own minds and then how to translate that into all other areas of their lives using basic principles of Universal Law and Energetics.


Kyle, Instructor

Kyle is an Integrative Life coach, personal trainer and Energetic therapist. Specializing in Lifestyle transformation, Kyle helps his clients up-level all areas of their life by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that are often seen in our modern world. His is passionate about ensuring that you come to see, know and embody your fullest potential.


Tommy, Coach

Tommy is a Success Coach and Spiritual Mentor. He is a breath-work therapist and specializes in flow state activation. He brings with him a no nonsense approach to systematic self evolution that propels his clients to heights they never thought possible.. 


Vitaly, Guest Lecturer

Vitaly is trained in traditional Yogic Meditation and philosophy.
His mission is to share the true essence of meditation as he has come to know it. Removing the stereotypes and complicated techniques, Vitaly has an incredible ability to make meditation accessible to any and everybody.  

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