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You are supposed to be Happy
every single day..

and you know it !!!

So many of us grew up feeling deep in our bones that there has always been something more to life than what meets the eye.

That childhood curiosity for the esoteric realm never seemed to fade in fact the older we grew, the more curious we became.

Trust me when I say, that curiosity is your soul calling. It's the remembering of Ancient wisdom, the recognition of Ancestral knowing. It is the whisper of your purpose here in this life.

And I'm here to tell you, that its calling you home to yourself.

This course is for people who hear the call but don't know how to answer. 

People who don't know how to navigate between the everyday and into the Mystical.


People who are bored with Routine but don't know how to escape it.


I'll let you in on a secret... the trick isn't to escape it.. the trick is to transform it into Ritual.

Trust me, I did it. And you can too.

This course is the Start-Up you will need in order to establish a simple, consistent yet extremely potent Subconscious reprogramming practice rooted in Ancient wisdom but designed using modern concepts of Psychology and Neuroplasticity.

This course will give you all the tools, tips, and practices you will need to create permanent pathways in your brain and habits in your life that actually support sincere feelings of Happiness, Success and Abundance..

This course was the course I needed 10 years ago.

Which is why I'm beyond grateful to be able to share it with you!

We become the things we do every day.

But more specifically, we become the things we think and feel WHILE we do the things we do every day. 

And yet, nobody ever taught us how to actually think and feel with intention.

So we think and feel by default, according to inherited cultural norms and habitual family/environmental patterns (even if they are toxic, fucked up and damaging).

Unfortunately in a culture such as ours, the habitual nature of our mind works to our disadvantage.

In a world that values the 'hustle and grind' and considers stress and anxiety as normal .. most people find themselves falling into a state of disillusionment and frustration with their everyday life.


I actually said FUCK that standing at my kitchen sink one day and I never went back.

I decided to put to use everything I learnt studying Psychology and create a plan to rewire my brain.

And then that's what I did

The truth is that we may still have to do the everyday routines, but those routines don't have to kill our soul and suck the Joy straight out of us. I refuse to believe that we have to sacrifice our happiness and our dreams just because we are busy tending to life and our loved ones.

We can do both.

I'm telling you. 


and still have families and businesses and relationships and goals and cook and clean :P

Preparing Drinks

You will not need anything as the goal is to transform our everyday/routine tasks into opportunities for Ritual.

As soon as you begin, you will see how your daily life either supports or depletes your ability to feel richly tapped into yourself and your potential for Happiness, Success and Abundance.

And I'm sure you will be delighted to discover that this work is much easier and simpler than you could ever imagine.

You will want to have some nice white pillar candles for Ritual purposes.

Hi there!
My name is Chelsea and I'll be your teacher!

Copy of Coffee transparent background_edited.png

I am a Mom, business owner and founder of The Energy School. Formally I studied Psychology specializing in motivation, creativity and learning. I taught in a traditional school for years before finally deciding to open the school I wish I would have been able to go to. A school where people could learn how to to actually be happy and live a connected and fulfilled life.

This was always my Dream and here it is coming true.

So trust me when I say,
Yours can too. 

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