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Our Courses

Our goal is to give you a solid foundation upon which to build a deeply nourishing relationship with yourself and the world around you.

We offer three kinds of courses at
The Energy School:


Start-Up Courses

Live Online Courses for new students and

beginner Energy workers

Learning Collections

Pre-recorded courses designed for learners

who like to study at their own pace

Advanced Studies

Live Online & in person Courses for

current students and advanced Energy workers

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Start-Up Courses

Each Start-up course is offered once a year with enrolment officially opening two weeks before the start date. These courses are live courses with weekly calls.





Reconnect, Heal and meet The Ancestors

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Fall in love with Meditation 
*Must love music



to Ritual


Turning every day routines into Rituals of Happiness

Our Start-up courses include:


- Weekly Lectures

- Weekly Invitations for Reflection
- &/or Ancestral Work

- Weekly Live Call

- Lifetime access to Student portal
- & any additional content

- Alumni access to all live calls
- Discounts on future courses

Learning Collections

These are pre-recorded content bundles.

They are all a little different and offer a study-at-your-own-pace approach to learning.




4 part series

Includes 1 yr access to
The Club


of Joy

3 part series

Remove the obstacles to everyday Happiness

Our Learning Collections include:


Lifetime Access to portal

- Access to any additional content or lectures that may be added

- Collection Specific perks

There is a hyper fixation in our culture upon all things physical with very little emphasis placed upon the unseen. Our courses seek to remedy this cultural blindspot by introducing you the many worlds and realities beyond the physical. These are the courses you wish you would have taken in traditional schools and the Ancestral knowledge you wish you would have inherited.


Advanced Meditation / Prayer

Prayer is the highest form of Meditation.

This work is designed for those who want to delve into faith and deep connectedness with Source Energy (wherever they know that to be). When you are truly truly ready to surrender and move permanently into a higher frequency, this course will be waiting for you. 

Meditation Start-Up is the Prerequisite.

Advanced Ancestral Work / Healing

The cause of all dis-ease is dis-connection from Self, the Earth and The Ancestors. The Medicine is in the Reconnecting and renewal of our Ancestral Wisdom & Relationships. This course is a deep dive into becoming the essence of the Ancestors themselves. We will use Ancestral Ritual and Song to illicit a deeply nourishing and profoundly healing perspective shift.

Ancestral Start-up is the Prerequisite.

Advanced Reprogramming

This work is designed to hep you release every last limiting belief that may be lurking in your Subconscious mind. This is the pinnacle point where your mind meets and marries your Heart.

Courage Camp is the Prerequisite.

You will need a Gold Mirror.

Buddha Statue

If you prefer learning at your own pace, you may like enjoy our Learning Collections which are entirely prerecorded courses, bootcamps and workshops available for enrolment all year long.

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What our students are saying

"Ritual Start-up is a class that absolutely everyone would benefit from ❤ And something that everyone should be learning in school. It helped me concretize my spiritual practice and taught me that by connecting with Mother Earth, I can connect with myself. Every week I learned not only a new exercise, one I will be able to use forever, but I got to deepen my intuitive feel to everything that is living around me I highly recommend"


Katarina | Montreal

"The Ancestral Start-up course was something that was very much calling me, even without knowing what I was about to sign up for. You know when something just feels right. Without any doubts. Without any fears. Without any questions. This was definitely that and now I know why. 

With the desire, the openness & the ease to want to jump in with both feet into everything we were guided to do in this course was not only exciting, but fulfilling in a way that makes you want to jump in head deep (literally) and connect to what gives us life. 

This course is something far greater than you could ever imagine and will change your entire perspective and give you a connection you never knew you were missing . 

Thank you Chelsea and the Energy School for your wisdom and teachings. I’m forever grateful I took this course and will definitely be signing up for the advanced one next."


Morgan | Calgary

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