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Office Hours
Thursday 11-4*

Once a week, we are available for private 1:1 meetings during our office hours.
You are free to choose how long you would like.

At the time of your booking you will be asked to give some context and details about whatever it is you wish to work on during the call. 
Club members receive a 25% discount. The code is in The Club Portal.
Office hours are intended to help you get the root of the matter. The goal is that you are given tools and perspective shifts that help you initiate immediate transformation in your life. Long term 1:1 coaching is not the purpose of these meetings. 
A successful coach isn't one that you need for the long term.

A successful teacher is one who teaches you how to be your own Guru.

This is the ultimate goal of all of the work we do here at Energy School..
*If Thursday are impossible for you please contact us directly

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