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Universal Laws:

Are eternal, which means they are forever.

Are universal, which means they are everywhere.

Are absolute, so they exist whether you accept them or not.

White Walls

The Law of

The Law of Attraction is one of 12 Universal Laws.


It states that: 
Since everything in the Universe is Energy, we are constantly emitting a signal or 
Frequency into the Universe which responds by returning more thoughts, things, situations that are of a that same Frequency.

You attract according to the vibration you are in.

Below is a link to video if you would like to hear Law of Attraction explained by Ester Hicks herself.

Principles of The
law of


Remember that it's the FEELING space that we are working with.

Mantra for the Month:

I am a Powerful Magnet

Daily Meditation:

Visualize the thing you want to magnetize long enough that you begin to feel it during your Meditation. 

Find the feeling Word

That which
You Resist

Remember that Resistance STOPS ALL MOMENTUM

Mantra for the Month:

When I let go, things flow

Daily Meditation:

Observe the things in your daily life that you bump up against.

In moments of resistance, take a moment to breath and try to identify which type of resistance your are experiencing

Energy Flows
Focus Goes

Remember that you are Magnetizing ALL Day long. 

And that it it your Point of Attraction (the FEELING you have towards anything person, thing or environment) that directs your creative power.

Mantra for the Month:

Energy Flows where Focus goes.

Daily Meditation:

Notice the things that draw your attention towards them every day. Observe the way your mind will create judgments and from there you will experience a feeling. This feeling becomes your Point of Attraction.

Your ability to change the way you think about things is the key to improving your Point of Attraction. Observe in your every day how quickly you begin to feel a certain way about a situation. How quickly your mind will judge. Become critical of your own judgements and regularly ask yourself if this is truly how you want to feel about a situation, person or environment. How do you want to feel? Cultivate that feeling. 

Expect it
It will come

Remember to take care of your default Vibration

Mantra for the Month:

Daily Meditation:

You must
Be the State

Remember that everything arrives first on the energetic / feeling plane before it arrives in the physical.

Mantra for the Month:

Daily Meditation:

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