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Let this be your invitation to join the first of three free calls of Honour hosted by The Energy School..

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A virtual Honour circle with the intention of returning honour to
Motherhood, Fatherhood and the Sacred Union that creates Life.

Three Calls will be held:

Honouring Motherhood : April 15th

Honouring Union : May 20th

Honouring Fatherhood : June 17th

Calls will begin with a short meditation.
 will be done in English.

A recording will be available.

Gender specific language will be used.

Our Intentions:

Calling all parents and partners. Calling those without children and those flying solo!

We call you, come!

We wish to honour you and the vital role you play in creating and sustaining our community.

In many ways, we have lost the essence of tradition, of family values, of respecting our Elders, of respecting ourselves and our Earth.
Ancestral practices of Honour have been neglected and forgotten. 

Our work here at The Energy School is to remedy this.

We believe that people deeply desire to live an honourable purpose-filled life.

We believe many people don't see that the work they do is in fact some of the most important work that can be done.

We say, that if you are a parent or a partner or an individual seeking to live in a conscious and heart centred way that you are indeed living a most purpose filled honourable life and for this we wish to honour you.

Please consider joining us for a virtual Honour circle so that we may honour you.

These are free offerings open to anybody so please share with your friends. 

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Know that wherever you come from,

you are welcome here.


There is a spot for you at our fire, a seat for you in the temple, a stone for you in the garden and a desk for you in the classroom


Come as you are

With all of your ways

Your past, your present and your dreams


Lay them all down so that we

may walk together with the lantern of truth illuminating the path, returning us safely home to the Truth of who we really are 

Our Vision ..

The Energy School was created to be a traditional place of learning, a sacred space of inward study, a ritual alter for personal and interpersonal growth.


In ancient times the gifted would be sent to study or apprentice with an adept teacher or master. They would go to the temples or the in great libraries of Alexandria. They would be sent far and wide to study and learn the old ways but those were the old ways. 

Now we find that we are here in the modern day and life seems to be quite different and yet our soul and psyche still call for and deeply desire to learn about the mysteries of Life. We all long to understand who we truly are and why we are. 

This is what we strive to teach at the Energy School.  

Assisting you to reconnect with your Heart; your purpose and your gifts is our priority.

Our goal is that you grant yourself the permission to nurture those abilities and find expression for them in your every day life.

Our purpose here at the Energy School is to bridge Ancestral Wisdom with Modern day application.

These are the teachings we have all be desperately needing. 

And so I will say it again with great enthusiasm;

Welcome home.

There is a hyper fixation in our culture upon all things physical with very little emphasis placed upon the unseen. Our courses seek to remedy this cultural blindspot by introducing you the many worlds and realities beyond the physical. These are the courses you wish you would have taken in traditional schools and the Ancestral knowledge you wish you would have inherited.


Ancestral Start-up

8 week course

We will work to develop relationship with the Ancestors.

Learning how to cultivate healthy relationships with the Ancestors is one of the greatest ways to heal the disconnection that most people in the modern world feel.

Enrolment opens March 20th

April 20th

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