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You are invited to join Danielle and Chelsea for a 4
part ceremonial journey into the mysteries of the
Divine Feminine.

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This Sacred Series is a

4 part Ceremonial Activation.

We will meet once a month for four months.

Each time we will purify, reignite and activate a different energetic centre of your body. A healthy flow of energy in these centres is essential if you want to authentically embody your Divine Feminine energy and

gracefully express your Destiny.

The first activation is scheduled for Sunday

March 26th from 10am-2pm


Exact dates for the other three are to come.

Lunch will be served with a ceremonial drink specific to each activation.

Breath work, embodiment exercises, meditation and energy work are

all aspects of these ceremonies.


You will need a yoga mat, water bottle and comfy clothes.


Mother Earth & The Magdoline's

Embodying The Mother Goddess

Purification & Activation of the Temple of Isis & the Womb Flame



Embodying The Healer

Clearing, Opening, Integrating and Activating the Heart Flame



Embodying The Goddess of Beauty & Expression

Magdoline Ritual Opening of the Mouth, Voice Activation and
The Holy Grail's Fountain of Youth



Embodying The Goddess of Transformation

Lunar & Solar Serpent activation of Kundalini

Energetic Exchange

$150 for each 

 paid in full

or two payments of $222


Registration opens March 20th.
Contact Chelsea or Danielle to reserve your spot.

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Know that wherever you come from,

you are welcome here.


There is a spot for you at our fire, a seat for you in the temple, a stone for you in the garden and a desk for you in the classroom


Come as you are

With all of your ways

Your past, your present and your dreams


Lay them all down so that we

may walk together with the lantern of truth illuminating the path, returning us safely home to the Truth of who we really are 


Ancestral Start-up

8 week course

We will work to develop relationship with the Ancestors.

Learning how to cultivate healthy relationships with the Ancestors is one of the greatest ways to heal the disconnection that most people in the modern world feel.

Enrolment opens March 20th

April 20th

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