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More than Mindfulness

The Energy School has always been a place where adults can come to learn life skills
that are unfortunately never taught in traditional schools. Specializing in the areas of happiness and mindset, we strive to find innovative and interesting ways to bring ancient meditative and self reflective practices to the modern world as a means to cultivate healthy and harmonious relationships with ourselves and with the people in our lives.


Some popular areas of interest for our Corporate Clients include:

Mindfulness & Meditation
Communication & Presence
Emotional Regulation & Stress Management

Personal Responsibility & Accountability

Positive Self Talk, Anxiety  & Depression in the workplace

Non-Judgement, Honour & Leadership

Reconnection & Unity Consciousness 


How does it work?

Your business or learning establishment has a few options to choose from depending on the timeframe and goals that you have.

Courses are offered over a period of 10 weeks and you can choose to focus on one topic and go in depth into that or you may choose to cover a variety of subjects for a more general introduction into mindfulness.

Series are offered over a period of 4 weeks and during this time we will work intensively on one particular subject of study.


Workshops can be a single 3hour session or split into two 90minute sessions. These will always include a lecture and a practice 

Guided Meditation


Meditation Start-Up :
Non-traditional Mindfulness practice that will actually make you want to meditate.

Making Happiness a Habit :
Subconscious Reprogramming & Mindset Reset.

The Honour Course :
Bringing Honour back to Work.

The Cucumber Course :
Keeping it cool. The truth about anger in the workplace.

Meetings each week are 30 minutes with an option
additional 15 minutes for questions. 

Can be don'e in person or on zoom.

Smiling Businesswoman


Thieves of Joy : Get Happy quickly

I am at Peace : The power of affirmations and how to use them properly to change your life

Reconnection :  The importance of relationships with others and ourselves.

The Vision : Creating a vision for your future

2 options:

1 x 3 hour workshop or 2 x 1.5 hour workshop

Topics for workshops often include Leadership and Honour in the workplace.

Confidence building and harnessing the power of Self-Talk

Can be doneLive or on zoom

Young Businesspeople
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