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Universal Laws

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Welcome to my Sanctuary

My name is Chelsea and I am 

so glad you're here!

Bare with me, I'm an eclectic mix of love, light and swear words.

I believe that we have one purpose in life and that is to follow our joy. I'm pretty dedicated to following mine which is why you may notice that I've got quite a bit going on here. 


From Intuition to Ancestral Work to Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind...I promise that if you stick around long enough you'll see that it's all connected.

So, please, have a look and feel free to be in touch. We can chat over a coffee or green juice or whisky and see if there's a way for us to work together so that you can begin re-designing your life according to the things that bring YOU joy.

My first experience with Intuitive Energy work was with Tarot when my dad handed me my first deck at 13 years old. Nearly two and a half decades later and I have so many beautiful clients all over the world

Tarot is a beautiful way to access Universal Energies and gain insight /clarity into the situations, relationships and patterns you have in your life 


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For many years my business was just Tarot. But after being asked many times by my clients, I have designed and Intuitive Mentorship Program that is a mix of Intuitive development and Life Coaching using Tarot as a tool for Intuitive Activation. It's Magic.

Energy Work

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If you're into Energy Work and want to dive deeper into understanding your own Energetic composition. I offer Intuitive Energetic Readings as well. I am certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner and this serves as the foundation of my Energy Work. Sessions are done at my home and usually last around an hour and a half.

If you yourself are interested in learning more about Energy and how to work with it I do offer Mentorships where we can work together 1:1. I will teach you everything you need to know about Energetics, Frequency and Universal Law 

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