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1:1 Healing

Healing is the end of conflict with yourself.

1 : 1

1:1 - Honour Work (2-3 hours)

This work is for anybody looking to to permanently transmute wounding caused by relational trauma. Healing here is done through working with specific memories 
with people in your past. This is an active session that requires your full participation in order to rewrite.your stories. This is extremely powerful and often achieves an immediate and permanent shift in your mind and heart that then ripples out and positively impacts all other relationships in your life.

1:1 - Attunement (2 hours)

Using Energy and Sound, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation where an assessment of your energetic bodies will be made. A recalibration and activation your energtic centres will be completed. Finally, any additional advice or practices will be suggested so that you may continue to be a clear channel.

1:1 - Medicine Work (2-3 hours)

These are intuitive personal ceremonies created specifically for you with the intention of bringing awareness or deeper clarity to your life's path and purpose here.

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