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Body Integration

Embodiemnt                         Expression                        Movement                      Exploration

Our bodies know. They hold and store information, trauma and emotions.

There are many ways to work with the body to assist in the activation, movement and release of energy.

Movement and Dance are one of these ways.

Group Dance

Embodiment Practices

Embodiment practices are opportunities for you to explore movement in whatever shappe or form feels good to you and your body.  There are many misconceptions about these practices with many people believing that they are dance classes or that they need to be good at expressive movement when in reality you need nothing and no experience at all.

If you have a body, then you have all that you need.

The goal of these practices is to become familiar and comfortable with yourself. Its an inward curiosity towards whatever YOUR body needs in any given moment. It's a practice to hep you deepen and strengthen your own intuitive knowing and guidance. 

While at the same time creating a space for your own body to speak and express whatever it needs in order to facilitate flow, release and peace.

We offer a few different options to explore the practice of embodiment


1 hour class

Twice a month you can drop in for a 60 minute evening Body Integration practice led by Danielle. You will need a yoga mat and water bottle.

Lotus in Bloom

Afternoon Retreat

Each month we host an afternoon of guided Embodiment, meditation and integration.


Weekend Retreat

Next retreat scheduled for Summer 2023. 

Let us know if you would like details.

For any questions or to reserve a spot, connect with
Danielle or Chelsea

Connect with our Experts

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