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Healing is the end of conflict with yourself.

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1:1 - Individualized Coaching (60 / 75 min)

This option is superb for anybody interested in weekly mentorship with one of our specialized Experts. This is a high touch offer meaning that the scope and depth of these sessions is personalized to the individual depending on their unique interests and needs. The goal of this container is to ensure that you are able to dismantle limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you as well as come into a deeper feeling of connectedness with your potential and purpose here in this life.
There is a minimum of 8 week commitment to ensure a complete integration.

Sliding scales for pricing are available.

1:1 - Clarity Call (90 min)

This option is designed for anybody who is working through a specific challenge or energetic blockage in one or many areas of their life. The point of this call is to dig deep into the issue at hand and help to reveal the limiting beliefs &/or energetic factors that many be preventing you from moving forward. The idea here is that through greater perspective and understanding, you can liberate yourself from patterns that can even be generations old. This is a therapy session on crack. The point of this session is that you only need one. 

1:1 - Intuitive Reading (60 / 75 min)

The very first service ever offered by the founder of The Energy School was Tarot Readings so this is an ode to that. This is for anybody looking to have an intuitive Tarot spread done for them or as a gift for somebody else. It's a lovely thing to do on your birthday or at the beginning of a new year to help shed light on the current energetics at play as well as where your energetic momentum may be leading you.


Re-Write Your Life Writer's Workshop

This is a 4 week group coaching container offered a few times a year where you will be prompted to re-write your subconscious programs. This is potent work that requires your full engagement and participation.

The next Workshop will begin in November.

Accountability Club

This Club is available to anybody who has completed The Courage Camp Collection. The goal os this group is to continue the work of aligning your beliefs so that their actually support your Heart's Desires. 

We meet every second Sunday evening at 9pm EST.

Mental Mastery with Kathy Vallee

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