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Body & Energy Work

Healing                        Relaxation                        Release                      Relief

Our bodies know. They hold and store information, trauma and emotions.

There are many ways to work with the body to assist in the movement and release of energy & or tension.

Body & Energy Work facilitates the movement of these energies.


Some of our favourite modalities:

Pressure Point Massage

Massage Therapy

For muscle tension/pain or stress release. Perfect for relaxation or to assist in the detoxification of the body. Helps to improve recovery after injury and overall wellbeing.

Energy Healing


Working with the suite energetic bodies and the chakras or energy centres in the body, Reiki works to rebalance and reset the entire energetic field.

Back Massage

Be Activated Holistic Therapy

A specialized therapy designed to release stored trauma and pain in the body. Perfect for acute pain and to increase mobility and flexibility in the body. 

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