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We all have our own rhythm, our own frequency, our own energetic field. The quality of this field changes over time and depends on our environments, our moods and our chosen state of being. 

Like an instrument we can be tuned to certain notes, rhythms and frequencies. 
This is what an atunement is. It is the intention al elevation of a person's frequency.

Attunements are private sessions that include 4 parts.

They are especially helpful during times of transition , when clarity is needed or when things feel stagnant.

When our bodies are attuned and used to lower frequencies, we tend to feel low and attract situations into our lives that don't feel especially good.  The purpose of this session is to raise your default frequency and attune you to higher frequencies of being so that you have access to all of the opportunities and realities that are available to you in the higher planes..


We will speak first about where you are and what you need. From here we can begin to build and realign your belief system to serve your goals and vision.

Belief Upgrade

You will be given a three new beliefs and exercises to bring home with you to help you integrate and preserve your new frequency.

Energy Reading

An assessment of your energetic bodies will be done and any messages from your guides and Ancestors will be given.


Using Sound and song, your energetic bodies will be attuned to higher frequencies.

Book a session

Sessions are 90 mins

Sessions are only offered in person 

In Senneville Qc

Please Text for more information or to book

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