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Week One

Animism, Sacred Containers & Ancestral Etiquette

- What is Animism and why is this framework helpful?

- Types of Ancestors


- You and your learning is the Medicine.

- You choosing to behave intentionally in relationship is the act of Healing.

Daily Non-Negotiables

When trying to intentionally connect and develop a relationships with Ancestral Energy, its important that you prioritize some time in your day to ground, observe and invite. A daily grounding/meditation practice is highly recommended throughout this course. Having time (even just a few minutes) in your day dedicated to listening will amplify connection tenfold. 

I am safe, I am loved and valued.

Ancestral Work

Invitation to introduce yourself to the Earth and all of its Ancestors. Go outside and look around at all the beings that are there waiting for your attention.

Say hello and introduce yourself. You can ritualize this with a Beltane fire this Sunday or you could simply stand outside and whisper the words. If you want to jump on the energy of the Breaking Open Workshop, you could hum or even offer them the gift of a song.

Begin to collect things for your Ritual Alter. ( Rocks, feathers, herbs, crystals, pictures of loved ones, paper with intentions or prayers, candle, sage wtv magical things you would like to devote to this work)

Ancestral Etiquette

To consider:

Consider the learning you received as a child. Seek to see if there were conditions or expectations that were tangled up in your childhood relationships.

Seek to identify any unhealthy patterns or beliefs that may have arose from the kind of relationships that you participated in.

If you would like to sit quietly in a calm space and visualize your own personal energetic container that surrounds you right now. You could set the intention to observe the quality of and condition of it. Are there any holes or tears? Any spots that feel compromised? Any emotions trapped or thoughts that come up. Observe them. Maybe write them down. Don't think too much about why or what. Just simply observe. 

Week 1 Recording

Bonus : Breaking Open Workshop

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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