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Week Five

Healing & Reconnecting with the Earth : Ancestors of Land

- Land as Ancestor. Land as the body of big Ancestors.

- To re-connect is to reestablish feeling of belonging

- Healing Land, healing yourself

Daily Non-Negotiables

When trying to intentionally connect and develop a relationships with Ancestral Energy, its important that you prioritize some time in your day to ground, observe and invite. A daily grounding/meditation practice is highly recommended throughout this course. Having time (even just a few minutes) in your day dedicated to listening will amplify connection tenfold. 

My Ancestors are always communicating with me.

Displacement & healing the ancestors of the land

Communication with the Ancestors: Listening with your heart

Ancestral Work

Walk barefoot and listen to the Earth with your Heart

Listen without your ears, invite the flood, forget doubt and logic and truly engage with the Earth beneath your feet. You can visualize 

Ritual Shower / Bath Cleanse

Play the ASwk5 while you have a bath or shower.

Lights off, you can do candles if you'd like.

Smudge or clear space. 

Use your protection spell and set the intention to cleanse and release.

Wash yourself in a very intentional and loving way.

Begin with your shoulders and wash your whole body.

Do not wet your face or head until the very end of the second song.

To consider:

Consider your feelings of belonging both in the land youre in and the land your ancestors came from.

Consider how much of your life you've spent disconnected from the land you're in. 

Get a sense of history of that land.

Check Native Land .ca

Research the myths and stories of your three homes.

The birthplace of your ancestors,

your birthplace,

your current home.

Recording from Week Five

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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