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Week Six

Finding your light.
Ancestors of Stone, fire & Sun

-Collective Symbolism and Ancestral Understanding

-The Sun, Fire & Stone

-Purpose, Desire & Patience

Daily Non-Negotiables

When trying to intentionally connect and develop a relationships with Ancestral Energy, its important that you prioritize some time in your day to ground, observe and invite. A daily grounding/meditation practice is highly recommended throughout this course. Having time (even just a few minutes) in your day dedicated to listening will amplify connection tenfold. 

My desires are guiding me.

Quick Intro

The Sun



Ancestral Work

Spend some time with the Sun.

Come with an offering even if its just your attention that you are offering. Sit with the Sun and get a feel for your kind of Sun. See who and what the Sun is trying to communicate with you.

Ask about your purpose here.

Ask about your light and how you can be find a way to shine as brightly as possible in your life.

See what comes ups.

Define for yourself Sun Energy.

Lay upon stone and see where timelines need to be relaxed. Ask for help with patience.

How The raven Stole the Sun

To consider:

Consider what you really desire in this life.

If you could have anything in this life, what would it be?

How would it feel?

Consider if this is difficult for you to define what you desire.

Consider beliefs about your deservedness and ability.

Consider that we often run away from our desires because we don’t truly believe that we deserve to have them fulfilled.

Recording from Week six

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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