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Week Seven

Aligning with your path.
Ancestors of Sky, Wind & Moon

- The Big Ancestors

-Aligning with your path requires you look honestly at the  beliefs that keep you from it

Daily Non-Negotiables

When trying to intentionally connect and develop a relationships with Ancestral Energy, its important that you prioritize some time in your day to ground, observe and invite. A daily grounding/meditation practice is highly recommended throughout this course. Having time (even just a few minutes) in your day dedicated to listening will amplify connection tenfold. 

create my reality by choosing what to believe.

Ancestral Work

The next time you have time alone. 

Lay down on the Earth.

Hands palm side up open in receptive mode.

Look up at the sky, introduce yourself.

Invite them to give you insight into the possibilities that exist for you.

Ask the sky to indicate to your all the place in your life where you all too easily get carried away off your path.

And then close it up your conversation but by sending a prayer to  Grandmother Moon. Ask her to help assist you. Whisper you deepest desires to her. The ones that even you are afraid to ask for out loud. Say them at least to her.

Additional Journal / Free Writing Prompts

Begin a Desires list. Pay close attention to the things you are naturally drawn to, the things you are curious about and interested in. The dreams and desires you've had since you were a child. What do YOU want in this life?

Intro wk 7




How The raven Stole the Sun

We come from the stars

To consider:

Consider your actual potential.

If you could do anything with your life what would you do?

Consider the fears that come up as you think of this and see if you can find a way to put these fears to bed. Consider trying to soothe and love those fears and the parts of your past that are standing in the middle of your path.

Consider folding them up and pushing them aside.

Recording from Week seven

Healing the Earth

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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