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Week Three

Intention, Invocation, vulnerability and Relational Intimacy

- Intention is backbone of ALL Ancestral Work

- Safety & Boundaries must be the foundation.

- Intimacy within relationship / Vulnerability  involves asking for what you need.

Daily Non-Negotiables

When trying to intentionally connect and develop a relationships with Ancestral Energy, its important that you prioritize some time in your day to ground, observe and invite. A daily grounding/meditation practice is highly recommended throughout this course. Having time (even just a few minutes) in your day dedicated to listening will amplify connection tenfold. 

I am excited to forge new safe, supportive and healing relationships.

To consider:

Consider your relationships with Vulnerability and what sorts of associations it brings up for you.

Consider what kinds of expectations you carry especially in terms of relationships. Do you have specific beliefs about how relationships are or about who and how you are in relationships?

Is the energy and expectation optimistic or skeptical?

What kinds of things have you been invoking in your life?

Consider the blessings you have been given in this life.

Ancestral Work

The Lady of the Lake

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 7.54.24 PM.png

Invitation to connect with the Lady of the Lake if you haven't already.

Feet in the water, Sun above and wind.

I would invite you to call three of these Ancestral energies in at once. Practice your protective blessing and set an intention to release.

Come with one offering, something you are willing to leave for each one of the three Ancestors. Something for Sun, another thing for Wind and a final thing for the Lady of the Lake.

If possible it would be nice to go at Sunset and wait for the Sun to drop. 

Awaiting the Sunset is an act of patience to affirm your openness to them contacting you when they are ready.

Recording from Week three

Its time to Unlock Your Potential

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